EvgueniinstrSifu Evgueni (Eugene) Semenov began his training at the age of four years old in 1964 in Russia. At that age, he rigorously practiced gymnastics, conditioning his body for later martial arts training. In 1975 Sifu started studying boxing, Sambo, Soviet Karate. From 1979 – 1981 he taught martial arts to the Russian Special Forces while also continuing his training. Through his years of study, he took advantage of many opportunities to learn various martial arts including Vietno’Dao, Shotokan Karate, Vinh Quan, Chi Kung, and sporting Wushu. In 1988 he was a recognized referee by the World Union Karate Organization where he help train many champions.

In 2009 Evguemi began his study of I Liq Chuan. His dedication to the art is matched by few and has devoted a great deal of his life to perfect the art for himself, and give it back to the world. He continues his training with the Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association and current holder of the art: Sigong Sam F.S. Chin.