21 Form Workshop – Seattle, WA April 12/13 2014

Refinements of I Liq Chuan 21 Form

I Liq Chuan Instructor Ashe Higgs

Guest Instructor: Ashe Higgs


I Liq Chuan (Mind-Body Fist) is an art of cultivating awareness based on Tai Chi and Chan (Zen) principles of non-assertion, non-resistance, harmony of yin and yang, oneness, and realization within the present moment. The movements of I Liq Chuan are slow, focused (meditative), and coordinated with breathing.

At higher levels of practice, the movements have self-defense applications.

This workshop focus on refinements and application of the I Liq Chuan 21 form.

“A knower awakened to formless from practicing forms has no form to practice.”
-Lao Zi

The I Liq Chuan 21 Form is not a catalogue of techniques, but a labratory for exploring the five qualities of movement in continous, flowing actions.

In order to transcend technique, you must get to the root of why certain movements must be done in a certain way. By training the basic energy you train yourself to recognize certain qualities which manifest through all movement. All movements are manifestations of tai chi principles; the balance of yin and yang.

The 21 Form trains you to coordinate the five qualities of movement to propel spherical, spiralling force.


Saturday May 17th 10am – 4:30pm
Sunday May 18th 10am-4:30pm

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4:30pm each day (six hours of training each day, plus lunch .)


Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Ave N Brick Building, Room 36

Seattle, WA 98103

United States



Early RSVP – By April 17, 2014 AfterApril 17, 2014
2 Days – $150*
2 Days – $190*

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the entrance fee.  In order to receive the following discounts,
you must bring your passbook and be in full uniform (t-shirt, pants,
and sash). Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Ashe HiggsAshe has been training I Liq Chuan since
2001, and has been a disciple of Master Sam FS Chin since 2007.

He has competed in full contact San Da winning gold medals (2007
Taiji Legacy light heavy weight, 2008 World Kuo Shu unlimited weight)
and a silver (2009 Legends of Kung Fu heavy weight), and currently
lives and trains with a small group of private students in Tempe,
Arizona USA.

Ashe is currently one a select few students around the world to hold
the I Liq Chuan rank of Student Level 6.

Read more about Ashe…




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Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Ave N Brick Building

Seattle, WA 98103

United States
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